The world awaits...


Mmm, Be. As more and more developers move to R4 for x86, more and more apps are becoming available. Rock. I can write helloworld in c++ now, I'm sure I'll be writing protocol sniffers in the next chapter.

As I start planning for my next box; dual K7, 256 MB of RAM, UltraSCSI-2 disks, I've been hunting for the parts that'll make the box stand out-besides the ability to heat the house. I stumbled across this site which has cool cases. For those who haven't seen an Intergraph, Sun, or SGI workstation, these are the closest look you'll get to one in a standard PC form factor. I still have to work on disks, video card, and memory. I think the IBM 9LP 9.1 GB USCSI-2 drives should be good enough. I'm debating on waiting for the Voodoo3, or to go with the TNT. Of course, everything could be different when the K7 actually arrives.

I've totally given up on NT. I installed RAS on my box at work, which completely hosed the thing. It was some cool performance art though. A constant cycle of booting, displaying the Ctrl-Alt-Del to login, blue screening, and then booting. Just a testament to the power that is NT. I now use a Citrix client in linux to do all of my work. Alas, there is no Citrix client for Be, yet.

The Half-life patch is out, finally. It does an awesome job of improving multiplayer for low bandwidth connections. Much smoother, faster, less humptyness. Here is my low bandwidth config file {semi-hacked and semi-copied from 3 Fingers' VoodooExtreme}. Save it in the Sierravalve subdir as autoexec.cfg.

The new website is still a work in progress, just slow, snail-like progress. Between work, work, and work, I don't have much time to play with PHP.

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