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The 9.1 GB behemoth's are bought and shipping as you read this. And, I got them for $50 less each than I can find them anywhere else. Now all I need is a case to put everything into. I spent most of tonight surfing sites looking at cases, costs of cases, cases of cases, and cases of cases of cases. I've narrowed it down to the PP&C Mid-tower, the Inwin A500, and The Sphinx. Enlight spent all that time designing a kick ass website, but their cases are so schizophrenic. Some are really bland, and others are just odd. Of course, finding someone who sells any of the models will be the next challenge. Maybe this could be the first thing I resell.
I took Nascar Revolution off my system, as well as Quake I/II/Expansions. Yes, you read that right, Quakeboy himself is no longer Quakeboy. I haven't played it in months, it consumes 700 MB of space on my drive, and just seems tired after playing Half-life or Descent 3 for a while. In fact, I don't play much online anymore. My evenings are relagated to work for clients. Sure, I play in spurts, but nothing like the copper smoking marathons I had in my recent past. In my quest to find something equally as exciting as games, I went to Windows Update for the first time, and downloaded all of the updates available. I'm sure my system is much more stable now.

I played some more Baldur's Gate, wiping the walls with Hobgoblin's just to build my clan up a bit. Of course, after half an hour of this, I grew weary and quit for the day.

I somehow lost my wife's password to her account, so I did what any normal techno-phreak would do; fired up the sniffer and captured it. Just for the practice, I used tcpdump (linux) and dumped everything in raw hex. I love MS products, no concept of security. L0phtcrack 2.5 is blazing fast now. Don't ask why I used it, just know that I was paid for it.It took a little under 18 hours to blast through a small NT domain account list, previously it took nearly a week.

As usual, I moved the last 7 days of updates to the archive.

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