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Don'tcha just hate it when I skip a day? Anyway. I've overclocked my wife's K6-2 266 to 300, basically cranking down the clock multiplier from 4x to 3x, and increasing the Front Side Bus speed from 66 to 100 MHz. I haven't benchmarked it yet, but I don't notice too big of a speed increase.
Voodoo2 SLI is driving me nuts. There apparently are many games out there which just mess it up, or to be more succinct, the 3DFx drivers just mess up the SLI aspect. It could be because I have an 8 MB and a 12 MB board paired, or it could just be that only Quake worked well with SLI V2's. Also, a large number of games are coming out as DirectX 6.1 only, not GLide specific (yes, that is the correct capitalization), which means the TNT is just kicking the V2's ass all over the place. The V2 has DX6.1 drivers for it, but they don't seem to work too well, or in any case, not as well as the TNT. Perhaps it is time to get a TNT2) and put the old TNT into el wifo's computer. I could move the V2 over to the in-laws, and send the V1 to my brother (who's a cash-strapped Ph.D. student). Don't you just love this chain of hand-me downs? I can also give z0mbieb0y back his 8 MB V2 so he can put it into his woman's machine and
practice over there as well.

Life with the NetGear is becoming a bear. It refuses to use the 2nd line for voice, at all. It will answer calls to the 2nd line without a problem, but can't get dialtone, nor dial out. After 8 hours of calls to NetGear tech support, they tell me it is a BA problem, not their router. Yeah, I've heard that before. On top of it all, I can't use debug mode because the serial port on the router refuses to cooperate. So I can't even send the details as to why something isn't working to Tech Support.

Psst, wanna Cisco 804? Well, you can buy mine on eBay. My line gets switched to voice only tomorrow sometime.

z0mbieb0y and I picked up EA Sports' SuperBike World Championship, which is insanely difficult, even on arcade mode. I pointed to a review rather than the actual EA site, which is full of propaganda about how great the game is and stuff. However, the eye candy is awesomely realistic, much moreso on the TNT than the V2 SLI.

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