The world awaits...


So, it's been a while since an update. I ride the bike pretty much non-stop, and as of today, have started riding it to work. Of course, it's in the shop for care and feeding that I can't give it tomorrow, but I'll be riding it to work most days. I definitely need to find a bag that can hold my laptop, either that or stop working 24x7. The bike has been kicking ass over the past month. It's in the shop for routine maintenance that is above and beyond what I can do at this point, carb tuning, spring check, shock check, valve clearance, and header checks. I don't feel like taking apart the engine basically, but I'll pay someone else to do it, assuming they know what they are doing.

I've formally given up on Windows for a while. I wiped Win2000 from the laptop and installed SuSe. So far, it's kicking ass. I'm determined to see how long I can go without installing VMWare and running some silly Windows program. It's been two days so far. SuSe is fast, reliable, and so far just works. I'm also trying to be a typical user and not delve into the command line too much. I want to see how much I can do from a GUI, just like a Windows person would epxect to do. My next task is to get my palm pilot to sync with a linux pilot program.

The wife and I are now due in 9 weeks. Yes that's right, 9 weeks till a deimos jr. is running about the place. I suppose I have to get a car seat for the bike now. :P

This article was updated on 2020/03/14 15:54:18