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Date: Tue, 6 Jun 2000 04:13:39 -0400
From: Saab Internet Team
Subject: Attention all Saab owners and enthusiasts - mark your calendars
for July 5 - 9, 2000

Dear Andrew,

Attention all Saab owners and enthusiasts - mark your calendars for
July 5 - 9, 2000.

This year's Owners' Convention begins with two days of events at Lime
Rock Park, "The Road Racing Center of the East," in Lime Rock,
Connecticut. Participants may tour the track themselves, or take a
high-speed spin with an instructor during the lapping sessions. Or join
in a timed Autocross Competition and test your driving skills as well as
your car's performance capabilities.

The activities will begin at Hudson Valley Resort in Kerhonkson, New York
on Friday, July 7. This year's convention will feature Saab Seminars,
the traditional Concours D'Saab, and a scenic road rally that's fun for
the whole family. Tour the marketplace for hard-to-find parts and Saab
parts and accessories. Don't forget to bring along your favorite Saab
photographs to enter the Photo Contest.

For even the youngest of Saab enthusiasts, we offer Camp Saab on
Saturday, July 8. Activities are planned to keep the little ones busy
all day. Babysitting and a Friday camp are available through the Hudson
Valley Resort.

Go to the Saab Owner's Convention site at
for more details and information on how to register.

Only in a Saab......

In other news, I almost died today while simultaneously almost killing someone. There is a closed bridge in my town, which has a new detour around it. People now assume that no one is coming from down the road where the bridge is (ya know, because all those people that live down there must take the detour even though it's after the bridge). I'm riding behind an Explorer, the standard 2 second gap, the Explorer pulls way to the right, and very slowly makes the right turn. I swing out to the left, riding the yellow lines, so that I can see better, and that others can see me. Some woman in a late model Delta 88, or some grandmother car like that, looks at me, and then starts out taking a left, into me. I just grab everything, locking the rear wheel in the process. I decellerated from 35 to 0 in like 20 feet. I skid into the driver side door, and very gently tap my front wheel on the door. I put my foot out, and then somehow remember to kick it into Neutral. The elder woman in the car is bright red and breathing
really heavy. I flip my visor up and ask, "you gonna make it?"

She looks at me, and smiles, "since you lived, I guess I will too."

It was so surreal. I started to shake, as the adrenaline kicked in. She pulled off and on her way, and I pulled over. Everyone in the intersection just froze. So I gathered myself, put my shaking in check, and rode through the intersection and pulled over a bit further down. I waited 30 seconds for the adrenaline rush to pass, and then gave the bike a once over and headed off.

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