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A day with Outriders

I spent the day yesterday volunteering at Checkpoint #4/Wellfleet for the Outriders Boston to Provincetown ride. It's a 204 km bicycle ride all done in one day with five checkpoints. Anyone who attempts this ride is already in good shape, serious about endurance riding, and looking to have fun. It's not a race, but there are some super fancy bikes and serious riders who sprint the ride to make Tea Dance in Provincetown. Many people stopped by to say hi, ask about the event, and learn more about Outriders. Other than the LGBT focus of the event, its one of the few non-fundraising long distance rides. The goal is to get everyone together and ride. The local, well-known long distance rides all require a fundraising minimum (between $1,000 and $5,000 to ride). While I support the causes, I'd rather just pay my share of the costs and enjoy the day. Outriders is a fee of $70 per rider which covers the permits and foods at the checkpoints, the buffet dinner the night before, and a great brunch at the Provincetown Inn the next day.

As a volunteer, it's a fun time. You get to talk to the riders, talk about the bikes, the route, and otherwise be social and meet a bunch of people having fun. Next year, I hope to join the fun and ride the route.

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