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Awash in WIFI

For many years, I was the only person in the neighborhood
that had wifi, 802.11b at the time. I used to use the [Pringles
can]( method of boosting my signal
to scan for wifi in the area. Generally, a few far off wifi networks,
but nothing that conflicted with mine. I ran my wifi wide open for
years, mostly so my elderly neighbors can get access to the Internet
when they wanted.

My neighbor mentioned the wifi keeps 'going out', so I started looking
into various solutions. I also noticed that since upgrading to an N
router, the farthest clients are claiming a stronger signal, but it's much
more latent than G. I looked into wireless extenders/repeaters, external
directional antennas, and then stumbled upon the solution, [Ez-10 Corner
Reflector]( In 20
minutes of cutting, taping, and wrapping, I have doubled my signal for
all clients in range, halved latency, and made the entire wifi network
run better. I also cut out the access from the street. This seems to
have stopped the random people from connecting to my wifi. Maybe the
signal is too low, or my neighbor's signal is now stronger.

In any case, free wifi upgrade.

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