Hyperions 2

Do Not Install GApps

I cannot make this more clear. If you want a privacy-preserving Android, use it without GApps. There is a world of free, open source software available that doesn't require a Google account nor access to Google Play "app store".  Look into F-Droid and the many alternate repositories available. No, it is not "tap and install" easy, but neither is anything privacy-related (there's a whole separate topic as to why this is so).

Here's the latest research (PDF) into how much data your phone shares without the ability to block it. There's a subtle point in that research paper. They installed LineageOS with Gapps. Install straight LineageOS without GApps OR install with microG services. This will stop the data flow to Google and others by default. Once you start installing apps from Google Play or Aurora Store, your data may start to flow (like the spice must flow). 

If installing LineageOS seems complicated and not worth the effort, then buy a pre-installed device from Calyx. If you already have a Pixel phone lying around, or want to buy one used from eBay, Swappa, etc, installing CalyxOS is literally four taps and one command.

Wait?! Buy a Google Pixel for privacy?

Yes. The hardware is great. It allows locking the bootloader for security. And the firmware is still updated many years later. CalyxOS takes care of all of this automatically.

Why not /e/OS?

e foundation is basically taking LineageOS and building an ecosystem around it. The starting tech is LineageOS remix with microG services by default. This is great. And it's a vast improvement over many other options. In my opinion, forcing the use of e.cloud is undesirable. I don't want to be forced to create an account and have connections to their systems 7x24. It's your phone, it's your hardware. It's your choice. Being forced into yet another service, as privacy preserving and eco-friendly as it may be, is still force. Your needs are not mine. Plenty of people choose the e.cloud solution as it works for them.

Let's build the solarpunk future we need, not iterate on the cyberpunk dystopia we have. It can start with your phone.