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Can you see or find a difference between these two images?

Knarr on San Francisco Bay
Original JPG of Knarr on San Francisco Bay
 Knarr on San Francisco Bay
AVIF of Knarr on San Francisco Bay

Every tool I can find, says they are visually the same image. The original raw-off-the-camera JPG is 6.8MB. The AVIF file (converted from the original JPG) is 215KB. The only visual differences I see start to appear at 150% zoom. Most of them appear to be compression artifacts in the water under the bridge (what appears at the water/land horizon line). The EXIF info is intact in both.

Here is another test. PNG to AVIF.

A striking bust of a woman in blue crystalline marble
Original PNG file as generated by Stable Diffusion
AVIF file after conversion from the original PNG above

Once again, the PNG is the "original" at 5.9MB. The AVIF image file is 80KB.

While most of the tooling hasn't yet caught up, I may just convert everything to AVIF files, unless I really want the original "off the camera" files for some reason. My generated AI images are 1.7GB in PNG/JPG formats, converted to AVIF they are 46MB. Yes, that's the reduction in size. Roughly 3% of the size of the original, with all of the quality and EXIF information of the original.

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