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Male Genital Mutilation

Reportedly, ISIS/ISIL in Iraq ordered all females to undergo female genital mutilation. Whether ISIS decreed this or not isn't what struck me, it's the fact that FGM still exists today. I had this thought after visiting Egypt, too. In reading about what's going on with ISIS it struck me that the men are killed and the women are raped. Why aren't the men forced to undergo male genital mutilation?

If male genital mutilation was more common in some parts of the world, wouldn't there be outrage?

Female genital mutilation and rape destroy a woman. Look at the resulting effects on the survivors of Rwanda. See Voices from Rwanda: Rape and Mutilation During Genocide, Women Under Siege: Rwanda, and Rape survivors of the Rwandan genocide. The psychological and physical effects of FGM and rape on the women has a lasting, profound impact. I'll spare the anatomy lesson about women's bodies, but a woman's sexual organs are intimately tied to her happiness and general well-being. Destroy or injure the sexual organs, and you've destroyed the woman.

Now, imagine how most men feel about their sexual organs. Now imagine mutilating them. Why do so many think the same isn't true for women? Why is FGM acceptable to so many?

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