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Migrated to Silvrback

## The new blog

I signed up with silvrback blogging platform. It's simple, it's Markdown, it's cheap. I'm still migrating the old blog posts over to the new blog. The migration is a work in progress, but it's making progress fairly quickly.

## Why Silvrback?

I wanted a blog which focused on the content, and otherwise gets out of the way. Medium looks really nice, but it's all about You can't host custom domains and you're stuck with their designs. I checked out a few platforms; wordpress, medium, svbtle, postagon, ghost, posthaven, and jux. However, silvrback seemed to have what I wanted and is a clean and simple layout. People generally have expectations of how a blog works, how it looks, and how to find older posts. The wiki blog works fine, but many people couldn't easily find the content.

## Hosted service?

I went with a hosted service because it's just easier. I don't have to maintain the systems, the code, or worry about optimizing it. It's hosted with Heroku on Amazon AWS. It seems to be fast enough for me. I can export all of my data quickly if I want to migrate away. And, I'll always post my content on my own wiki first.


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