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Peer to Peer Commenting System

I'd like to enable comments on my posts. However, I'd like to skip the
administration and overhead of running my own comment system. I've looked
at disqus and some others. However, they all have
the same problem of centralization. Here's what I mean by centralization:

The company at the core gets to see everything. You register with them,
you login to them, and you comment on various websites (blogs, newspapers,
etc). The company gets to track what websites you visited, what you wrote,
and how long you stayed on the site. Maybe you don't care. Ok. Maybe
you leave a comment on a blog about some topic with which you strongly
disagree. What if the position you take is contrary to the philosophy of
the company? What if it's completely protected speech in your country,
but the company running the commenting system decides it disagrees and
removes your account. Now, your comments are gone from everywhere.

What if the company gets bought? What if the company goes bankrupt and shuts down?

I'd much rather a true peer-to-peer commenting system that websites can
use. I'm pretty sure it could work the same way the commenting systems
work now. A website adds in some bit of code, the comments show up,
and accounts are not maintained by the website itself. Or, in true p2p
fashion, all of the sites maintain copies of the user database in some
secure fashion, such that the full user database is redundant and some
large portion of the contributing sites can go down and still have the
system usable.

This isn't what is interesting to me. I think about how to implement this
technically. Do I use something like bittorrent, i2p, freenet, tor hidden
services, or some sort of p2p database hosted on tahoe-lafs? What about
node.js? How do you scale this to 100,000 users? millions? How does it
scale to millions of comments across tens of thousands of websites?

I don't have any answers yet, but I'm still looking. Here's what I've
found so far:
- Zeon

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