Privacy Professor Podcast

Rebecca Herold, The Privacy Professor, hosts a great podcast series about all things privacy and technology over on VoiceAmerica. I was a guest on the episode entitled, "Diving into the Dark Net". You can listen to the full episode via mp3, your favorite podcast app, or just stream it live from the page itself.

Episode Description

Many listeners have sent questions over the past two years about the dark web • What is the dark web? Is it the same as the dark net? How is it different from the deep web? • Is it legal to go into the dark web? • What is Tor? • What are some real-life crimes found on dark web? • What are some of the most disturbing activities in the dark web? • What do information security and privacy pros need to know about the dark web to help them with their job responsibilities? • What should the general public know about the dark net?