Andrew Lewman

Returning Online

After a wonderful time hiking through Lassen Volcanic Park, coming back online is an overwhelming experience. Some themed photo sets from the trip are available:


  • Daring Fireball, Dickhead of the Week The only person who wants to protect your privacy online is you. While Apple is marginally better than the rest, it's a vast distance away from what's possible. There are plenty of third party apps which can help, like NextDNS, LockdownHQ, DDG Browser, etc. Just be aware that the "tracking protection" apps can also track you. 
  • BBC, Obituary: Shere Hite, pioneering sex researcher I read a very worn edition of her report in high school. It changed my mind about a lot of things, given the world view pushed forward by the interviews was very, very different than what every teenaged boy was learning.
  • Jose Browne, On Coding, Ego, and Attention While apropos to more than just coding, as I return to heavy coding in a new day job, this post is a great analysis of what makes an expert, an expert. Beginner's mind is not an "expert beginner". And I find myself wrestling with these challenges as I again code and design architectures at a global scale.
  • Scientific American, Why We Have So Many Problems with Our Teeth Years of braces as a teenager are better explained in this piece than any lecture by my orthodontist.

Everyone saw the pictures of an orange/red sky over San Francisco. A day later, it was sepia/yellow. This is a photo without white balance nor other color correction.

sepia/yellow skies over San Francisco

And here is downtown SF from Ina Coolbrith Park.

sepia/yellow SF Downtown