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Strange Days gets closer to reality

I heard about this Machine to be Another in some airport newscast as I was walking through the terminal. In essence, two people swap virtual reality headsets and share stories from their firsthand perspective. The other person gets to watch and hear their partner's experience. I can think of both positive and negative ways to use this setup. What this is missing is the emotion and feelings of either partner. And if you could record all of this into a reality movie and play it back.

The film Strange Days came to mind as I continued to walk through the terminal. The technology in the film is similar, in that you can pop in a mini-disc and play back someone's recorded memories. The film highlights criminal activity and other horrible topics, but generally the morality is in the human using/recording it, not the technology itself. The movie is irrelevant, but the technology in the newscast I heard is what made me think of the SQUID as seen in Strange Days.

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