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The worst commute yet

I rode home last night. It was 5C, progressively harder rain, dark, and windy. I got wet. Ok, I was drenched. My shoes squished water when walking, my riding gear stuck to me like a second skin. My rain coat was soaked through and through. The bike was streaming water. The end of the fenders were like a hose spraying water the entire time. What normally took 62 minutes (on average) took 84 last night. I got home cold, wet, and my leg muscles were stiff.

The good news is I made it home. I survived the cold, the wet, the wind, and the dark. I did it. I didn't cheat and take the subway to the bus. I didn't give up and call for a ride. My tires did very well with wet grass, muddy bike lanes, and pools of water. The bike didn't rust. Everything still works a day later.

I'll do it again.

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