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Horror or horrors, redhat is back on the box. wtf? you may ask yourself. The BeOS rocks in many ways, however I find a growing number of things I "need" are still in development, or the answers from the gurus are/is, code it yourself. While I can make a HelloWorld app in C++, and even have it inherit the attributes of the initial window through a convenient push button (alas a rectangular button for now, I'm working on the elliptical buttons), I cannot code a cd-recording program, an MP3 encoder, or a cd-ripper, just yet. Not one that would be worth anything anyway. So, redhat be livin' again. Besides, with the ground swell of vendors jumping on the linux bandwagon, I'm sure the Certified Redhat Engineer (RHCE, get used to it) will be up there with the MCSE in a few years. Don't get me wrong, BeOS is still alive, it is just napping until everything breaks loose. [SimCity 3000]( will be coming out for BeOS as well. I can still use Be to get amazingly clear and deep bass from MP3's, and vibrate the dog at the same time.

Would you buy hardware and software from me? I'm considering abusing the system and getting my reseller's license, mainly so I can afford to get the latest technology cheaper than the average person. Where did I get this idea? In the past week I've received a flood of free subscription offers to all sorts of stuff, InfoWorld, PCWeek, Sun Workstation Mag, Performance Computing, Windows NT Mag, Sm@rt Reseller, Networking, and Enterprise NT Mag. Why? I have no idea, apparently my name has been sold to some mailing list company as a reseller. Fine with me, more stuff to read, so I can improve my technology management skills and become the illustrious Pointy Haired Boss Magazine Manager (PHBMM, sort of like phlegm). And towards PHBMM-ness, there is nothing illegal about establishing oneself as a sole consultancy and purchasing hardware as a reseller, even if it is only for yourself. Perhaps I'll re-light up the old business venture that
went no where, mainly due to the fact that my partner and I have full time jobs, and no time to run a business on the side.

So, BA has called twice to confirm my ISDN order. They can tell how much the install and montly bill is, but they can't give me an order number or install date. Excellent. Glad to see their priorities are straight. I then happened across Shore.Net's xDSL page last night. Hmm, almost affordable.

Try and do a good deed, and end up having to feed a bunch of strangers dinner. Apparently a number of people felt compelled to mail my wife with a bit more than birthday greetings. And she felt compelled to invite everyone over for dinner. I guess we'll actually use all of that china we received for our wedding. Either that or it's paper plates for all. However, she did enjoy the mail and we had a very nice dinner at The Capital Grille with some friends. See, I left my computer for a ew hours. No really, I did; didn't do take-out or anything.

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