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I've done some more work on the new version of com.lewman, believe it or not. There isn't anything posted yet. I just grow weary of Frontpage, and have decided to convert it over sometime this month.
I did an analysis the other day on hardware costs, etc. I think it is cheaper to go to a K6-2 400 MHz with a new system board now, and upgrade in another year when the K7 becomes affordable, and into the second generation of chips. For $500, I can get a K6-2 400, Tyan S1590S board, and 128 MB of PC-100 RAM. I can keep my case, drives, cards, everything for now. Just swap the chip, board, and ram. Hmm....

I've decided to forge ahead to become a reseller. I'm starting my own company, probably a parternship, called Global Systems Engineering & Management. I don't plan on becoming a multi-million dollar consultancy, but heck, I won't complain if it happens. For now, it will suffice to maintain my current client list, all of two, and grow it by one each month. Maybe in a year I'll be able to quit my full time job and take off with GSEM full time. However, I have to become much more adept at the business side of things, like creating a business plan first, so I can get a line of credit with distributors and banks.

We spend all of this time worrying about the US Government becoming "Big Brother", has anyone thought about the multi-national corporations that already are? I spent the past 6 days in Walt Disney World. Upon entering, you get a single card which is your key, charge card, and multi-park pass for the entire time you're at WDW. Disney now has my eating patterns, sleep/wake patterns, and where I went and for how long. Hmm, it should be some interesting junk mail and telemarketing in the next few months. "Mr Lewman likes to have a midnight snack of 2 quarts of whole milk with a chocolate chip cookie, sell him to that Mrs. Field's mailing list, Goofy." And yes, I have pictures, with more to come. Some girl jumped into the pictures with me, once I get ahold of the database, I'll figure out who she is, and if she's compatible with me according to the telemarketers. Here's Epcot Postcard One and [Two](

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