The world awaits...


After 4 hours of playing, I finished Soldier of Fortune. The screens, including the ending, are below:

Yes, this is an outhouse.
That's gotta hurt.
Downtown Tokyo is so pretty at night.
It's a long way down.
I smell BBQ!
The requisite castle.
So, why can't I blow it up then?
Cultured gangsters
Here, catch!
Why can't I get this weapon?

The next few images are spoilers for the end of the game. I'll only state that the ending isn't worth the 4 hours it takes to complete the game.

Nice guts dood.
Let's take a moment to reflect upon what just happened.
A soldeiress of fortune.
After 4 hours I get this?!

Yes, the images are large. I couldn't find a decent highly compressed image format that did justice to the detail of the game. Just live with it.

My next game to dominate is Need for Speed: Porsche unleashed. Yeah, it's a tough life.

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