The world awaits...


I did some redesign to the site. Mainly, the colors scheme and the table structure. Everything looks a bit better now. My next task is to get rid of the big title image, just to speed up the site that much more. Yeah, I'm going retro, back to the days of text. I also reworked the webstats page. Yes, it really does run the stats program when you click on it. And yes, it really is that fast.

Just like everyone else today, I d/l'd and installed Netscape 6 Preview Release 1. Why? Why not? I just wanted to see what AOL will do to a browser. Hopefully, AOL will use their world domination plan to knock down IE. Not that I really enjoy either MS or AOL, but heck, anything to beat down MS is good for now.

I received a junk mail catalog for Classic Motorbooks today. There is everything from the Mack bus book to the American Farm Tractor, yet no Saab car books. Hmm. Oh, there are Volvo books too.

Ever have the urge to jam scissors into your crotch? If so, check out Jesus 97. I don't know what's worse, the fact that Anorexia with Pride exists, or the fact that 26 people signed the guest book in support of it. I guess in the end it means more food for me, and sooner because they'll all die soon. And just to finish off the night, make sure you're l33t.

This article was updated on 2020/03/14 15:54:18