The world awaits...


The google search thing isn't working quite as well as I originally thought. I'm pondering using #comments to identify bookmarks in the page, rather than having one long page for the content archive. Perhaps I should just do it and see if searching improves. Mmm, coding fun.

I'm thinking about giving free email addresses to all the Lewman's in the world, however I'll have to come up with some automated way of signing up and setting up the forwarding. I'm not going to give out free mailboxes, but I'll relay the mail so that forwards to or something. That way, as long as this server is on the 'net somewhere, people can have a permanent address and make it easy to find them. Mmm, more coding projects.

Update 30 minutes later: I added the HTML 4.0 ID tag to each date, so that hopefully google will catch up and re-index the site with the leet anchor names now. So searching for "quake" doesn't take you to the massively long content archive page, but rather to the actual update with "quake" in it. :P

This article was updated on 2020/03/14 15:54:18