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For those who noticed, the title image was updated. I'm going to try to make it specific to how the page was requested. I think there are4 or 5 domains that all point to this page. I'm going to make it dynamic so that if someone requests one of the other domains, they'll never be the wiser. Maybe it'll quintuple the traffic to the site if everyone things it's a different domain.

In unrelated news, my next door neighbor decided that trees are evil and cut down all the trees fully in their yard. I'm just waiting for the visit when they ask to cut down our trees. We have two huge Maple's in our back yard, that shade about 30% of their yard as well. I happen to prefer trees, as it keeps things cool in the summer with all the shade. Ever stand in the center of town mid-day in August vs. mthe center of a forest? It's much cooler in the forest, in case you haven't. I think the main reason for the tree cutting is the woman is a sun bather. She's out there as soon as the weather allows in the spring, and is still going at it until it's cold. Maybe she'll get skin cancer and the trees will grow back. Damn sun people. :P

This article was updated on 2020/03/14 15:54:18