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Experiences with Twitter

On November 17th, I joined Twitter. I just left everything at default and let it sit for a while. The initial list of people it suggested I follow was:

@hugleikur, @jon_gnarr, @gunninelson, @stephenfry, @arongunnarsson1, @rvkgrapevine, @icelandairwaves, @bjork

They're all from Iceland. Why?

Why Icelanders?

Twitter likely chose all Icelanders because my IP address was in Iceland at the time. Interesting that Twitter doesn't search on given profile information to further build out the profile. I gave Twitter an email, website link, and location. It just looks at IP address and starts from there. Odd.

The First Ten Days

I pretty much did nothing the first 10 days. More random selections were offered, some Icelandic, some based on my current followed people. And amazingly, 4 people followed me. I suspect 2 are bots.

Why Twitter?

It seems people around the world use Twitter to communicate to each other, sometimes in public, sometimes not. Some people trust Twitter more than their email provider.

In the continuing experiment, I followed some people I know. We'll see what happens next to Twitter's algorithms.

This article was updated on 2020/03/14 15:54:19