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Published by Fordham University Press

My contribution to Advances in Cyber Security: Technology, Operations, and Experiences has been published.

I presented at Fordham University a while ago on cybercrime and anonymous networks. At the time, I was asked if I would basically write up my presentation and submit it as a chapter/essay in a forthcoming book. I ended up mostly writing up an overview of Tor, rather than my presentation, and submitting that to Fordham University Press. Everything was CC-BY licensed, so I figured it would never get into the book. It appears it has been published.

I learned about this today because someone on a phone call mentioned it, "hey, I read your chapter in the book." It was kind of neat.

I'm working on other chapters for other books at the moment. These chapters are far more difficult to write than I imagined. Partially more difficult because I want to make sure I'm accurate and referencing valid research on the various topics, and partially because I want to make the chapters more engaging so future students/readers aren't dying of dry writing. And finally, writing takes time and a clear frame of mind to better write on different topics.

In the end, ISBN 9780823244577, Advances in Cyber Security: Technology, Operations, and Experiences by Fordham University Press has a chapter by me. Neat.

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