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F-Droid Board of Directors

I joined the F-Droid Board of Directors. There is an official press release on the site.

I helped form and joined the Board because we need to promote free as a freedom software, open source software, and not allow Google/Apple to control more of our lives. The F-droid "app store" has few barriers to entry, the first of which is the app must be open source. A highlight is:

For software to be FLOSS, the software in its entirety must be so - including all libraries and dependencies used. Additionally, it must be buildable with only FLOSS tools.
F-Droid Inclusion Policy

The current F-Droid developers put forth a herculean task to get releases updated, working, and work with FLOSS devs to get their software included in F-Droid. There are the technical requirements and then there are the hopes for the fledgling Board. I hope a few things:

  1. F-Droid succeeds and enables billions to use FLOSS on their Android devices.
  2. F-Droid succeeds in figuring out a model for FLOSS developers to get paid for their labor (their apps and related services).
  3. F-Droid succeeds in introducing billions to FLOSS.
  4. F-Droid helps change Android Open Source to fork to a completely free operating system outside of Google's direct control. 
  5. F-Droid eventualy expands to future FLOSS mobile operating systems (ahem, like  PostmarketOS).

We're a member of the Commons Conservancy, you can read our official Board meetings minutes and discussions on F-Droid's gitlab instance. Or if git isn't your thing, join the community forums. Here's to the future of F-Droid!