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$67,000 to Support F-Droid

F-Droid is looking to have their first full-time, paid contributor. They need to raise $67,000 to cover the $1,275 per week needed to fund Licaon Kter. Read all about it.


What is F-Droid?

F-Droid is a free and open source app store for Android devices. If we want to escape the duopoly of Google and Apple's stores, we need another option. We need a option that isn't controlled by a commercial entity. We need an option that is free in both money and licensing. We need an option that doesn't track you and allows anonymous installation. We need an option that isn't centrally controlled.

Why raise money for a free app store?

Because F-Droid plods along relying on volunteers and taking bits of people's time to contribute. it's a great model but isn't fast. Most linux kernel developers have full-time jobs working on the kernel, as paid by their employers. Hiring a dedicated person to work on issues, improvements, and well, everything can only help. The amount of work to maintain an app store can be overwhelming. The community and team have closed over 9,500 issues and yet, there are still over 1,600 to go. Automation, developer focused time and effort, and general support will go a very long way.

Why $67,000?

It's all Licaon is asking for ($33.50 per hour) to work full time. At 2,000 hours a year, that's $67,000 per year. Read the post. We need more Licaon's in the world.

I've contributed $1,700 to F-Droid's Open Collective account in the past year or so. They also support EURO (€) donations. I plan to triple that contribution to help out.

Please join me in supporting F-Droid. Click here: https://f-droid.org/en/donate/