Living Car-Free, Two Years On

I sold my car in 2015. I don't miss it. Instead, I walk more. I ride the bike more. I take public transit. Of course, there's always Lyft or Uber or taxis.  I rent cars when time is money and I have to be somewhere further away than other options. As for finances, I've still spent less on transport (all kinds included) than I did on owning a car. As an equation:

$(insurance, fuel, maintenance, taxes) > $(bicycles, bus, subway, train, ride share, rental cars)

I really think electric bikes and scooters are going to reshape the urban environments in new ways we don't yet understand. You might have heard of the hills in San Francisco. Having an e-bike flattens them out and makes hauling groceries and goods much, much easier. And now, with e-bike shares, you don't have to spend $1000 to get started, just rent them by the half-hour and get on with your life.

For any urban and semi-urban area, car-free is working well so far.