Many, many photos

I'm working with over 1,700 photos from the recent Shanghai, Singapore, and  Kuala Lumpur trips. It makes me long for an assistant to go through them all, clean up the images, and arrange them into a sane photo album. No one wants to see a photo album of 1,700 images. Publishing a curated album is the goal. Something similar to 1x, but just my photos. Otherwise, I end up with something like this trip to Vienna.

This started me thinking about machine learning or artificial intelligence as the assistant. Google and Apple both use machine learning to create albums and photosets. I wish there was a way to simply select a set of photos and say "create album" and pick a goal of "most colorful" or "most representative" or "most page views" or something directed. Right now, I'm sort of at the whim of what Google and Apple decide to create. I've tried to find some apps, but everything boils down to me curating the album. Any hints or points are appreciated. Everyone will enjoy the outcome.