Ode to Outlier Pants


These pants have met both current and past the Foreign Ministers of Sweden at state dinners, survived a week in Egypt with camel rides and all, kept me warm through the winter in Canada, Iceland, and New England, and have kept me cool through the heat of Malaysia, Arizona, and New England. They're easy to wash, easy to dry, survive two weeks without cleaning, always look pressed and neat, and haven't stretched, been ripped, nor shown any signs of wear in the years I've owned them.  I've worn them for rides and hikes around town. I've worn them for formal dinners, business meetings, and just about every speech I've given. They are well-tailored and have a classic cut.

I wish I could find shirts and suit coats that work this well. I'd have the perfect minimalist travel set.


A few years ago, I bought a pair of Outlier Slim Dungarees when searching for a pair of pants I could wear all day. They needed to survive the morning bike ride to the office to the final bike ride home; and then off to whatever scheduled events were happening that night. At $198, they were freaking expensive to my habit of $80 Levi's commuter jeans. However, I was going through a pair of Levi's jeans every six to eight months because the crotch would wear through from riding the bike. I did get them patched the first time, but then the patch reduced the flexibility right where I needed it most. The patches made the jeans uncomfortable, and unsurprising, just move the tears to the edge of the patch and the original fabric.

The Outlier's were a test. A decent pair of fashion jeans cost $200 or so. A decent pair of dress slacks cost $200 or so. I was already paying $160 or so every year for jeans, so $198 didn't seem a huge stretch.

It seems the stretch and chance has paid off.

I've bought two pairs of the pants. They're both great and have survived the travel torture and daily routine without issue. I have no relationship with Outlier other than as a paying customer. The pants are just this good.