Random Apple Archives

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A random assortment of Apple things from my archives.

My experience with Apple starts with the Apple IIe and IIgs. I had to learn to code in logo and BASIC at a summer camp. We spent most of our time playing games and trying to hack the game to win as the coding examples were pretty easy and quick to complete.

Jump forward to university and analyzing animal sounds on a new PowerMac G3. I had to write software to take full advantage of the G3 since the original analysis software only ran in emulation, and therefore much slower. It forced me to learn all about Fast Fourier Transforms (FFT) and understand the math behind it. It might have been faster to simply use the Kay Sonograph machine in the lab and hand measure the output from the printer. In the end, the analysis was done and the paper published.

I've had newton's, iphones, powermacs, ipods, towers, cubes, etc. If I had bought Apple stock instead of these products, I'd be owning an island somewhere.

The things one remembers when digging through archives to simplify a lifestyle.