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Results of FOIPA on myself

A couple of weeks ago, @MuckRock tweeted results from FOIAs submitted two years ago:


As you can see in the MuckRock response docs my name was specifically included. The lack of results reminded me of the FOIPA requests I made around the same time. I dug up the results of the FOIPAs today.

  1. The Central Intelligence Agency couldn't find any records.
  2. The Department of Homeland Security couldn't find any records.
  3. The United States Marshals Service couldn't find any records.
  4. The United States Army Criminal Investigations Command couldn't find any records.
  5. The Federal Bureau of Investigations couldn't find any records.
  6. The Defense Security Service couldn't find any records.

All of them requested I send along my social security number and copies of my current US Passport or state issued photo identification in order to do a more complete search. I decided not to submit further identifying information.

I'm not sure I fully believe these results. On the one hand, I suspect I haven't done much to be worthy of their special attention. On the other hand, given the written history of the agencies, it's likely there is a "file" on me somewhere, with something in it, which I'll never see in my lifetime.

This article was updated on 2020/03/14 15:54:19