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The ACLU is stalking me

Dear ACLU,

Here are a few helpful hints to make me take your message seriously:

* Stop sending me emails to addresses I never provided, and that you obviously bought from a data aggregator.
* Stop paying data aggregators if you're concerned about 'big data'.
* Stop filling your emails with uniquely identifiable tracking links, if you're outraged at the government and big corporations doing the same.
* Stop using 3rd party tracking sites and data aggregators on your own sites, if you're outraged at 'big data' and 'privacy'.
* Stop sending me emails and physical mail when I've opted out countless times, pay attention to your own practices before taking on others doing the same.
* Get a better privacy statement that matches your mission.

Example A: is the ACLU of Massachusetts. is the national organization.

Here's their email, in its entirety.

> A new technology is spreading like wildfire throughout law enforcement communities nationwide. Automatic License Plate Recognition (ALPR) systems collect and process   license plate data at lightning speeds, enabling police to monitor and track your whereabouts like never before.
> Unfortunately, the technology is outpacing the law in Massachusetts. We have no statewide regulations to impose narrow limits on how police can use ALPR. In that       +vacuum, many police agencies are moving ahead full speed without engaging the public in a democratic process about how this powerful new tool will be used.
> But there is an alternate model. Brookline's government and residents have been engaged in a months-long process to come to a solution that allows police to use ALPR   with limits that will protect the privacy of ordinary people.
> Does your town have ALPR? Take a look at this list and find out.
> If you are interested in working to ensure that police in your town don't use this technology to inappropriately track motorists, get in touch. We are ready to help.
> Because privacy can't protect itself,
> ACLU of Massachusetts
> View this message online at

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