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Dance Breakdown

Over the past year I've been increasingly fascinated with dance
videos. Two very different styles are appealing to me for some reason.

* Style One: nonstop: whzgud
* Style Two: Universal Alchémy

I watch them on a few levels, one is just watching the flow of the video,
the dancer, and the cinematography. The other is breaking down the
dance into its individual parts, sort of like you could with a strobe
light, while at the same time looking at the choice of background,
color saturation, camera angle, field of view, etc.

I don't know how I started, why I started, nor why I continue to do
it. It's just some sort of release, maybe in reaction to spending all
day fighting with computers.

I think I saw one of the dancers getting filmed in NYC for the Universal
Alchémy video, too.

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