Using the Camera you have..a smartphone.

Increasingly, I find myself just using my smartphone for photography on trips. The combination of always having it on my person, advanced camera apps to better control the focus, lighting, and the geotagging to subtly say "I was here", all seem to conspire against bringing the larger mirrorless camera around. For a long time, I've carried around my Sony Alpha 6000 for high quality pictures. However, I keep wanting one lens that does it all, in perfect quality, from 28 to 300mm with f-stop of 1.8, or so.  I know, the dream lens. Also, I want it super light.  However, since that isn't happening anytime soon, nor affordably, so I've been making do with the smartphone (why do we call them smartphones anymore, versus just phones).

Of course, I'm by far not the last person to think of this solution. You can buy lens adapters for various phones; zoom, wide-angle, neutral density filtered, etc.  They help, but images still suffer from the sheer small size of the lens and the aberrations of the extra lens (purplish tint, halos, loss of quality at the edges). In fact, in KLCC park or any major tourist destination in Asia, there are plenty of peddlers selling cheap plastic lens attachments for any kind of phone you have on you.

I've been traveling quite a bit, and only brought my smartphone along as my camera.   You'll see pictures from Yosemite, Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, and such coming up through the end of the year. All these are phone pictures.