foggy golden gate bridge

What Happens Next?

A friend reccomended this article, Ignoring the Communist bias of the site, the article is overall a great review and summary of where we're at today. It keeps making me think about what happens next. I'm not going to predict anything. Time is relative and we're creating history every minute that passes.

In December 2019, I was in Malaysia and Singapore. The thought never crossed my mind that I might not be able to travel anywhere for a while. Ironically, I made top status on three airlines from traveling so much in the past two years. And it seems, all of them are extending status another year. I'm not sure I'll be able to use any of the status for the next year or so. C'est la vie. It's one thing to keep in touch with people around the world via video. It's completely different to share a meal, the sounds, the smells, and take in the environment. 

With all the time saved from not traveling, I've been riding far more regularly. Started day trips to the beach on the weekends where we're the only ones there. And I've been learning to code in rust

I volunteer for two non-profits. EmergeDV has adapted very fast to the new reality. Each One Teach One is also adapting their 2020 summer program to the probable reality of no in-person internships or classes. It's amazing how some orgs adapt to the new reality, while others refuse to believe the world has changed and are not changing their ways. 

What comes next? I think about resilience, adaptability, and we'll get through this pandemic together. The world will be different, because it is different now. 

At least for now, we can still ride bikes, watch movies, and enjoy the fog