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Publishing DNA

Over the past year, I've been considering getting a kit from the various
commercial DNA analysis services, such as [23 And
Me]( The idea is to get a full sequencing of my
genes and publish them.

I first had this thought when reading about the [Harvard University
Personal Genome Project]( My idea is
that I leave my DNA everywhere by simply existing. Why not
intentionally share it and help science move along? Skin cells flake off
all the time. My saliva is left behind on every container from which I
drink. Right now, there's not much one can do to stop this. I certainly
would not be the first to do this sort of action, see [Open Sourcing My
Genetic Data]( I find
it interesting how my genes will be interpreted over the decades, what
the long-term prognosis is for me based on the current state of
research, and how many times this will change 100% over my lifetime.

There is also a US law entitled
[Genetic Information Nondiscrimination
which, in theory, protects one from discrimination based on your genes.
If I publish them myself, does this mean I forgo all rights to my
genetic make-up, or pre-empt all patent and property right claims to my
genes by making them public domain?

Can I copyright my genes and then sue others for violation of the

Interesting questions in our brave new world.

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