The Problem of Modern Mindfulness and Apps

Fascinating reading about the current apps and philosophies around mindfulness and meditation.

On recommendation of a friend, I read "Bring Me the Rhinoceros" ages ago. It's an interesting book. As in any organized religion, there is a structure, philosophy, and goal behind the statements. This comes through with the chosen koans in the book. This seemed very different from the current set of meditation apps or games.

Wii Fit had a meditation game where the goal wasn't to think or quiet your mind. Instead, the goal was to focus on a candle and not move around too much, lest your movement extinguish the candle. I've tried a few of the most popular meditation apps, and they all feel more like a game than anything else. This isn't to say they don't help people. I'm sure concentrated focus can help many. It's to say that the current apps are more focused on an incentive point system rather than helping you understand the fundamentals of the practice. The fundamentals are what helps you make progress and improve your life. It's just not as fast and rewarding as the current apps.